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  • Rules and Regulations

    Our School Rules and Regulations


    • Fees are due on or before the first day of the school term. 
    • Children whose fees are not cleared on time will be sent home.
    • Fees are not refundable in cases of absence   from school through illness, accident, vacation or leave, suspension or expulsion.
    • Boys are required to keep their hair short and neat. Girls will have simple push back or simple plaited cornrows. 
    • Coloured beads or rubber bands, rasta hair pieces, coloured hair, facial piercing and jewellery are not allowed.
    • A student who persistently arrives without the appropriate uniform and/or refuses to wear the correct uniform, she/he will be subject to the School’s behaviour and discipline code.
    • A direct call to the class teacher/a letter of explanation is required in cases of absence from school or non-attendance at lessons/classes. 
    • All students, irrespective of age, are required to abide by the School Rules and published Code of Conduct 
    • The parents undertake to make themselves aware of, and to comply with, the rules and policies of the school and to encourage their child to comply with school rules and policies.


    • One full school term’s notice of withdrawal shall be required in writing if a student is to be withdrawn from school; such notice shall be communicated directly to the Head teacher in writing. Receipt of the notice will be acknowledged in writing. 
    • Unless notice of withdrawal is given as specified above, the parent/guardian shall be liable to pay one school term’s tuition fee in lieu of notice at the prevailing rate for the class in which the student would have been enrolled. Responsibilities of the Establishment 
    • Official school hours are 8 a.m-5 p.m, but the school will open 30 minutes before for convenience. The children who arrive early will be taken care of by the teacher on duty. 
    • All items of school uniform must be clearly and permanently labelled. The school accepts no responsibility for lost property. 
    • Personal effects of students are not insured by the School and as such no responsibility can be accepted for the loss of such items. 
    • The School is not responsible for the student out of school hours unless the student is there at the request of the School (e.g. for extra curricular activities)